We have three areas of specialty: Design for the retail food industry, promotional design, and as a creative resource for marketing departments.

Food Focused

One of our areas of specialization is designing for food products and the retailers that sell them.  Sobeys, IGA CanadaKraft Canada, Sobeys Liquor, Cadbury/Schweppes, Sobeys Urban Fresh, Royal Food Products and Edmonton Potato Growers are just some of the food companies we have worked with.  We understand this competitive and dynamic retail environment, and utilize our experience and industry insights to create materials and programs that leverage your position in the marketplace and drive sales.  From fresh to frozen, packaging to promotions, we help companies get their products from the shelves to shopper’s baskets.

Promotional Design

We have a knack for ‘promotional design’; a dynamic style of advertising for creating impact, interest and excitement with a sense of immediacy and a call to action. Stemming from our background in media, retail and illustration, we have cultivated and refined a graphic style that naturally lends itself to special events, sporting events, retail and media - it’s bold, grabs attention, comes alive with personality and is direct in it’s messaging. Our approach makes applications like contests, events, packaging and promotions even more engaging and effective.

Working with marketing departments

We enjoy working with marketing departments, and the feeling is mutual - it’s like peanut butter and chocolate, or cookies and milk, excellent on their own, but taken to a whole new level when put together.

 We have decades of experience working with marketing teams - as professional designers we bring a fresh perspective to their business challenges. Together, we’re able to quickly establish the purpose and scope of a project,  defining the market insights that allow us to go away and sweat the design details that bring a campaign to life. It’s a great combination that leverages everyone’s areas of expertise - an efficient solution that turns big-picture marketing goals into professionally designed and effective materials.

Simply put, we're a talented, experienced design firm that can be the design icing on your marketing cake.


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