"We're passionate about design and enjoy being part of a process that sees the relationship between our clients and their customers strengthened."

- Lyle Krause, Creative Director

Krause Design Group is a graphic design firm. We turn insights, strategies, and great design into creative solutions that consumers engage with.

In our 23 years of working with companies of all sizes, what has been evident time and again is that quality design works, and is an integral part of any successful business. Our process focuses on visually defining your message to connect your customer to your product or service.

We champion a highly collaborative approach with our clients to keep projects focused, efficient, on time and within budget. This means the lead project designer works directly with you, eliminating layers of people between you and the creatives working on your project. Clients (especially marketing departments) enjoy this direct, professional and accountable process that ensures projects meet or exceed expectations.

Our experience in a wide variety of design disciplines means your image will be consistent and professionally produced across all media types. So whether it’s a website, package, promotion, ad or trade show booth, they will all work together to help build a memorable and cohesive brand experience.  

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